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Small Group Class

A small class size of 4-6 students allows the tutor to monitor every student’s progress and give timely individualised advices. Simultaneously, peer influence and constructive interactions between fellow students keep the class more engaged and interested in the learning process.

The group will only consist of students of similar foundations in Physics so the teaching pace and materials used are of maximum efficiency.

This class is highly recommended for students who wish to learn in a cohesive and active environment.


JC Student: $60 per Hour (free trial lesson)
Secondary School Student: $50 per Hour

Small Group Class
Exam Prep
A and O Level Exam Preparation

During critical periods in the learning cycle, such as before school or national exams, we help students with a systematic and tested revision plan and related resources. The plan is generally executed in several stages:

  1. Topical revision to enhance conceptual understandings

  2. Actual exam questions (such as selected A level questions) to understand differences between Cambridge questions and local questions

  3. Extra practices from various schools to gain exposure to more question scenarios

  4. Special practices to improve specific exam techniques, such as how to answer common explanation questions, most frequently tested definitions, MCQ tricks, etc.

  5. Practices for time management.

Such programmes can be once a week or carried out more on a more intensive schedule to give an immediate boost to students’ results.

Please check our website for update of schedule.


$500 for 4 x 2hr sessions

1to1 Tuition
1-to-1 Tuition

These classes benefit students who wish to have the full attention of our best tutors throughout the lesson. When students make mistakes in problem solving, at times the misconceptions are hidden by just looking at the answers alone. Watching the student attempt the problem provides the tutor a much deeper understanding of student’s thinking allow the tutor to correct the misconceptions immediately.

Teaching pace and materials used are tailored to fit the student’s individual needs.


$150 per Hour

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