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About Us 1
About Mr Zhang Yukun
  • Ex-Hwa Chong Institution and National Junior College lecturer

  • 10+ years teaching A Level Physics in school in Singapore

  • Specialised programme tailored to exam preparation

  • Mr Zhang is a well-loved tutor by students from Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore. He inspires students to see that Physics is a subject of logical thinking. With proper approach, everyone is able to achieve their potential in the subject. More than 80% of his students scored in A Levels. 

  • Mr Zhang is also ready to help students whenever they are in need. He was twice nominated as for “Most Caring Teacher award”.

About Us 2

Boost Learning Efficiency and Result with Our Innovative Method

In 10 years of teaching and interacting with students of various backgrounds, Mr Zhang has gained a deep understanding of the common challenges students face in their learning of Physics. The biggest obstacle to obtaining a high mark in exam is problem solving. Students lack proper guidance and resource to improve problem solving skills. How often do you hear students say something like

I seem to understand the general concepts of the topic, but I can’t solve exam questions.”

“My school has provided me some revision materials (mostly past year papers). I have spent hours on them but I don’t seem to improve much.”

"I do not have much help in my exam preparations. I am pretty much on my own.”

This is exactly what Physics Xcelerator excels at:

    Bridging the gap between understanding concepts and applying them to solve actual exam questions

There are two parts to our solution:


One important but often overlooked fact: while exam questions come in many forms and scenarios, most of them are variations of the same archetypes. We pioneer an evidence-based method to improve problem-solving skills by targeting Question Archetypes.

We provide students with carefully crafted worksheets that categorise questions into specific archetypes. Analysis of the archetype is provided, followed by a standard approach to each archetype. This method deepens the students’ understanding of concepts and guides them to a better approach to problem-solving.

For an example of our pioneered method, click here for video example.


We understand that while schools generally provide some revision materials (mostly past year papers), many students gain little despite a lot of time and hard work spent on these materials.

This is because past year papers alone are a poor resource to enhance problem solving skills.

At Physics Xcelerator, we supply strategically prepared practice papers to students at critical junctures of the learning cycle. We carefully select questions to address the most important and the most often misunderstood concepts, which result in immediate boost to exam marks. We also help students with instructions on how to make best use of such resources. Our methodical approach to practice improves the efficiency and efficacy of students’ time and effort.


Small Group Class

  • A small class size of 4-6 students of similar foundations

  • a good balance of tutor attention and peer learning

  • highly recommended for students who wish to learn in a cohesive and active environment


A/O Level Exam Preparation

  • Specialty exam preparation programme

  • Intensive and methodical learning

  • Lessons infused with exam techniques

1 - 1 Tuition

  • the full attention of our best tutors

  • correct the misconceptions immediately

  • Teaching pace and materials used are tailored to fit the student’s individual needs

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#10-03 Parkway Centre, 1 Marine Parade Central, 449408

WhatsApp / Call: 9824 0315

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